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“I can only recommend that if you want to get into this business you are definitely talking to the best in the Business with Jason. Go for it with a passion and you will be successful”
T.R. Australia

“Jason I am so glad that I picked you as my instructor. I would rather have someone tell me all the wrong I am doing and then help me to do it right by your guidance.”
B.R. California, USA

Training for Professional Sharpeners

hands-on sharpening training The Sungold teaching philosophy is to equip each student with both the skills and the tools to tackle any kind of professional sharpening job with confidence and skill that keeps clients coming back again and again.

Taught in small classes of one to five students by Master Sharpener Jason Pintel, our sharpening courses are designed to teach you every aspect of the fine art of sharpening and upon completion to equip you with the skills, tools, and business know-how necessary to work whenever and wherever you want.

Our Method

At the heart of Mr. Pintel's instruction method, is the art of sharpening the Japanese style shear totally by hand without power equipment. To our knowledge, this aspect of hand sharpening is taught by no one else in the world.

professional sharpening skills Yes, you will learn how to use power equipment properly, but it is only the true sharpening professional who can produce a beautiful hand done edge with total control of the work by the stroke of the hand. But more importantly, learning this skill will give you a thorough understanding of the physics of sharpening as well as the knowledge of what a fine edge is.

This may not sound important, but without this knowledge, in the hands of unskilled technicians expensive shears and knives are ruined every day by the improper use of power equipment - with little or no understanding of the art of sharpening, they proceed to remove most of the blade with improper angles and excessive speed of the abrasive on the steel.

When you complete Mr. Pintel's training you will have the skill and confidence to handle any sharpening project with the quality that keeps your customers satisfied and coming back for more. This is the Sungold Advantage when you choose Sungold for your professional training.

What you will learn

Turn-key Sharpening Business Packages

Sungold offers a number of courses and materials from "The Professional Sharpener" to advanced techniques for the experienced practitioner.

Choose from a variety of courses, tailored to meet your specific needs. Courses consist of 25-40 hours of individualized hands on, one-on-one training, resulting in an extensive knowledge of a variety of methods, styles and techniques of sharpening.

The Professional Sharpener" course is a complete "Turn-key Business Package." It includes training and all the tools and materials required to start and run a professional sharpening business upon completion of the training course. Click here For a list of the materials you will receive.

You will learn how to properly sharpen these types of tools and more:

  • Japanese Shears
  • German Shears
  • Medical Instruments
  • "Lefty's"
  • Curved Shears
  • Thinning Shears
  • Notching Shears
  • Cuticle Nippers
  • Commercial Knives
  • Household Knives

You will also learn how to provide the following valuable add-on professional services:

  • test sharpness
  • repair damaged tools
  • identify and correct cutting problems
  • install silencers and custom balance shears

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